Frequent Questions

Is this belt friendly for beginners?

Absolutely! Our Monarch belt assures that you have the proper support so that you can do exercises effectively and balanced. 

How much weight can the Monarch belt hold?

The Monarch belt can hold up to 200lbs! We have stressed tested it to ensure that it meets your standards. 

What other movements can I do with the Monarch belt?

Not only does the Monarch belt make hipthrusters so much easier, but you can also do a variety of movements as well. We recommend trying weighted planks, pull ups, squats and lunges for a full body workout! 

How should I set up the belt?

We suggest sitting on the floor while attaching the weights to the belt when doing hipthrusters.

How should the weights be placed on the belt?

We recommend placing the dumbbells vertically or diagonally. Vertically would be best for having a snug fit near your hips.

Can I use other type of weights with it?

Definitely! Our Monarch belt works with kettlebells, dumbbells and plates as well.